C-Gard™ & C-Sentry™ – Sacrificial Anodes Protecting Against Corrosion

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Channel Moulds

Impalloy channel moulds can be used to create bespoke anodes with custom inserts. They allow a large amount of flexibility in width, depth and length.

Our channel moulds range from 30mm to 320mm square. They are trapeziodal in cross section, so the quoted width is the average. A listing of our mould stock can be downloaded and printed here. It is a constantly changing item so we suggest you view it online to ensure you have the latest information.

The mould listing table shows the nominal weight per metre for each size available in the chosen insert type. Please note that some insert/ mould sizes are not suitable and are not shown. The weight of a particular anode can be determined by selecting the cross sectional area, the insert size and type and then multiplying the weight by the length in metres. Alternatively divide the anode desired weight by the weight per metre to find the anode length. In both cases check the mould length.

Moulds can be cast down to smaller depths, however the amount of alloy over the insert and the size of insert should be considered carefully. Anodes can also be cast shorter than the total length of the mould. In either case it is necessary to manufacture inexpensive end pieces from aluminium.

It is therefore possible get several small anodes from one mould.

Insert size, type and fixing geometry is infinitely variable by the use of custom endpieces. Either send a drawing for us to copy the design from or call us to discuss your needs. We can also fabricate moulds to other sizes to meet your specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss.

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