C-Gard™ & C-Sentry™ – Sacrificial Anodes Protecting Against Corrosion

Laboratory Facilities

Supporting the manufacturing, Impalloy operates a comprehensively equipped laboratory with modern computer controlled facilities for chemical analysis and electrochemcal testing. That even allows to provide some for other labs and institutes.

The laboratories can operate on a 24 hour basis to ensure that product chemical composition is monitored and controlled to ensure the best possible electrochemical performance of every production batch.

Electrochemical testing facilities are designed to monitor alloy and product performance on a batch basis and the facility is particularly geared to testing to internationally accepted standards such as DNV RP B401 and NACE TMO190. Other testing requirements to particular customer specifications can also be accommodated.

The laboratory also maintains close links with independent suppliers of specialist services such as mechanical and non-destructive testing, (MPI).

Laboratory Testing Equipment


Metec Table top Milling Sample Preparation Machine:

Spectromax Alloy Analyser: