C-Gard™ & C-Sentry™ – Sacrificial Anodes Protecting Against Corrosion

Market Sectors

Impalloy serves a number of key sectors with sacrificial anodes. We have preselected anodes for these, which are shown in the pages in this section.

However we recognize that customers will have specific needs and have an extensive catalogue of anode designs available. If there are requirements not covered by these we can then either manufacture anodes from our channel moulds or fabricate specific moulds in our Fabrication shop.

We have considerable experience in fixing systems and can fabricate a wide variety of designs onto our standard anodes. Please call us for details, or use our enquiry form.

Operators of subsea sytems require detailed information and certification as structures can be in place for many years or decades. Impalloy are well versed in supplying those certificates, inspection services and client witness. If there are services not covered that customers require, we are very happy to provide them. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.