C-Gard™ & C-Sentry™ – Sacrificial Anodes Protecting Against Corrosion


Sacrificial Anodes for the sacrificial protection of immersed steel using aluminium and zinc alloys have been supplied Worldwide by Impalloy for over 40 years.

We are situated some 20 minutes from the M6 and M6 toll, within 40 minutes of Birmingham airport and within walking distance of local trains. This ideal location gives us simple communications being centrally located in the UK.

An investment in our fabrication facilities has provided an un rivalled resource in the area, with pipe bending to 4″ of 12 metre lengths, brake press, plate rollers and machining. Weld qualification to 15mm in 30mm parent materials complements this extensive facility.

Sacrificial anodes are used on pipelines, platforms, subsea structures; wind turbine foundations and monopiles, wave and tidal generators; quay and harbour walls, jetties & pontoons, dock gates; ships and boats ulls, ballast, grey and potable water tanks; power station intake screens and sorage tanks. In short any where steel is immersed in water, anodes will be found.

We specialise in manufacturing larger platform, bracelet and flush mounted Anodes, in sizes up to 4000Kg to the exacting standards of the offshore industry. Our long track record is proof of our expertise in this area.

Extensive testing using modern equipment is backed up by our DNV certication of our alloy.

Impalloy Limited

Anodes for the sacrificial protection of steel using aluminium and zinc alloys have been supplied by Impalloy and its predecessors Trident and Britannia Alloys for over 40 years. Our foundry is complemented by an extensive fabrication shop, in house quality control testing facilities. We manufacture to high quality, environmental and health & safety standards, providing full certification of supplied product.


Our foundry based in the west midlands, is ideally placed, adjacent to good, road, rail and air links. We have full ISO Quality and Environmental certification, and a health and safety management system. We have a production capacity of up to 70 tonnes a day, and can cast anodes up to 4000Kg in one pour. In house fabrication allows us to manufacture our own moulds. The laboratory facilities are able to provide full testing and certification.


Our recently re-organised and retooled fabrication shop, occupies 3000m2 and is geared to fabricating anode moulds, inserts and our retrofit fabrications. Anode sleds and similar structures can be fabricated to customers designs. Alternatively our draughtsmen can design them for you.

3rd Party Approvals

We have both ISO BS EN 20001 and ISO BS EN 140001 certification. We also have FPal and Achilles registration. Our Impalloy alloys have been independently tested by DNV to their long term performance test RP B401. All of these certificates are available to download.

Health and Safety

Impalloy has long recognized that the offshore sector has a focus on health and safety and has welcomed audits in the past from clients. We view health and safety as a business ethic rather than a response to legislation . Our performance statistics are available to view on the web site.

Cathodic Protection Design

Our design teams can provide detailed cathodic protection designs to suit customer requirements. Alternatively we can validate 3rd party designs. We are in an ideal situation as we can ensure that cathodic protection designs can make the most of standard anode moulds maximising efficiency while minimising cost. We would welcome the opportunity to dicuss your requirements with you. See our contact screen.

Anode Design

We have a long and successful track record in designing and supplying anodes to all types of shape and sizes. We have ways of optimising the anode efficiency either by utilising existing moulds , or creating new moulds. Our design and production teams are able to advise on ways of manufacturing anodes or fixing methods to maximise output at minimum cost so reducing lead times and delivered costs.

Anode Moulds

We have a broad range of mould cross sections from 35mm square to 320mm square. Moulds can be fabricated in any additiona section to customer specific requirements. The anodes can be cast in any length up to the maximum of the moulds, with the insert required. Details of the cross sections available on the mould sections listing.
Alloy Specifications

We have a selection on well known Impalloy III alloys, suitable for all applications from short life to long term deep water specifications. We are able to manufacture to specific customer requirements. See the page on alloys for more details.

Product Testing and Certification

Offshore customers routinely require detailed testing and certification of the anodes as supplied. We are able to supply Electrochemical efficiency, anode resistance, chemical composition, weight and dimension checks or MPI checks routinely. Additional tests, eg load tests, insert composition checks can be arranged.

Offshore Pipelines

Bracelet C-Gard™ sacrificial anodes for the cathodic protection of pipelines has been an Impalloy speciality for many years. We are able to cast anodes up to 1200Kg and have shipped 800Kg bracelet anodes. Bracelet anodes from Impalloy have been installed on pipelines around the world from the North Sea for Statoil, Exxon Mobil in Africa, Sabeh Energy Corp in Sabeh, BP Amoco on their Mardi Gras project, Petrojet in the Gulf of Suez and Gazproms’ Baydartskaya Bay project in Russia. Bracelets anodes can be fabricated in a variety of designs and sizes, including welded or bolted . More details can be found in the relevant page.

Offshore Platforms and Subsea Structures

Platform C-Gard™ Sacrificial Anodes have been a key part of Impalloys product range installed on platforms, subsea structures and most recently windfarm foundations. The aluminium platform anodes can be cast around steel bar, rod or tube, with a wide variety of configurations from straight alignments, to cranked or cowhorn type.C-Sentry™ flush mounted anodes are also used extensively on subsea components such as manifolds or christmas trees.


C-Sentry sacrificial anodes have been used by many ship operators, most notable the UK M.O.D. We have a large inventory of designs and moulds, and can supply in aluminium, zinc or even magnesium. Anodes can be fitted to hulls, ballast tanks, potable and grey water tanks, or from our sister company to propellers. Zinc Hull anodes have traditionally been used by fishing fleets and other smaller vessels, and are available in convenient weld on or bolt on designs. Aluminium anodes have been supplied for the full range of seagoing vessels , in sizes from 1.3Kg to 35.2Kg, zinc anodes range from 2.8 to 28 Kg. Larger sizes are available by special order. Ballast tank anodes from 8 to 19Kg in aluminium and 9.4 to 50Kg in Zinc. A variety for fixing methods are possible to ease retrofitting.

Renewable Energy

Renewable windpower, tidal and wavepower generation uses sacrificial anodes for control of corrosion of the steel preventing expensive retrofitting, maximising return on the capital employed and improving the breakeven point. The full range of platform anodes can be used on all parts of the structure from monopiles or jackets to J tubes.


Impalloy have been supplying sacrificial anodes for Industrial applications from power station intake screens to water tanks. In the latter situation we can advise on, or provide a design of the sacrificial cathodic protection system.

Retrofit Anode Systems

Where there are problems with the corrosion protection system Impalloy has been pioneering retrofitting systems, to provide life extension of subsea assets and structures. These can be bracelet systems or anode sleds connected by cable to the structure. Diver and ROV friendly connection systems have been designed.